Bisexual Fuck Club

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At this elite co-ed martial arts gym, the guys and gals really work up a sweat learning some of the fiercest moves. Of course, it’s tough getting violent towards your partner when he or she is so fucking hot. And considering the fact that everyone who belongs to this gym is drop dead gorgeous, it’s no wonder that, on this particular Saturday afternoon, the entire lot decides to drop their boxing gloves and get a more intimate grip on one another’s bodies. They devote just as much intense energy to pleasuring one another as they do to fighting. It’s not about being gay, straight, or bi – it’s all about the pure pleasure of a nice moist hole. And no holes will go unfilled at this massive bisexual orgy! Starring Franco Gregorio, Denis Reed, Rod Wethers, Tommy Rogers, and a whole slew of horny male and female newcomers eager to swing both ways.

Bi Fuckers Go All the Way

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Mark and Anthony have snuck into Cynthia’s office while she’s away in order to steal some important financial documents. When Cynthia comes home and catches them red handed, she looks to young Mark, looking particularly sexy in his blue t-shirt, for an explanation. When none is forthcoming, then it becomes clear she will have to punish these two guys. And her punishment will be their sweet reward… She orders Anthony to take his huge fat cock out, and makes her boyfriend Mark suck it. Little does she know that Mark has a bisexual side to him – he clearly enjoys munching on his best friend’s boner. Cynthia can’t resist joining in on the horny action. She is a little surprised when Mark sits down on Anthony’s humungous fat cock – she didn’t expect his tight virgin hole would be able to take all that throbbing meat. But Mark clearly enjoys it, as does Anthony, and both dudes get to take their turns plowing Cynthia, who has clearly forgotten about their attempted theft by now!

Spice Up Your Bi Sex Life

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In this sizzling episode, Rod Wethers plays a randy young dude who has met a cute hetero couple on Craigslist who are interested in spicing up their sex life a bit. She has always wanted to make love with two men at the same time, but will only do it if she can convince her boyfriend to participate in an, uh, active fashion. Well, after they saw Rod’s pics, they decided that he was the one. After tentatively sucking dicks, Rod effortlessly takes the guy’s huge dick up his ass. Obviously, Rod has some experience in this arena. Both dudes fuck the chick, and when the hetero boy is ready to cum, Rod begs him to give to him all over his face – while the chick takes Rod’s load all over her nice fat tits. Once you go bi, you can never go back!

Three Young Bisexuals Have Sexy Fun

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Bobbi and her boyfriend Tom are walking through a winter wonderland when they spot Tom’s good friend Dick across the street. Dick isn’t his real name, of course – he is called that by a lot of the neighborhood girls, because he is quite a dog in bed and is famous for having quite a nice piece between his legs. Bobbi casually mentions this to Tom as they pass him by. She is surprised that this bit of information seems to arouse Tom’s interest. Is it because Tom has… feelings for his buddy? Actually, Tom admits, he has always been curious about doing it with a guy. But of course he would want his girlfriend to be present for the encounter. Not only would she have to be present, she would have to be willing to participate as well…

Groovy Bisexual Group Orgy

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Things are winding down at Thomas Friedl’s bisexual birthday bash. All the sexy attendees are still horny as fuck and eager to make one last go of it before they get their faces blasted with cum. The birthday boy is in a fuck-to-the-finish frenzy as he mounts several cute boys and girls subsequently, pounding the hell out of their asses until he’s good and ready to squirt his jizz all over one of their lucky faces. Anyone lucky enough to get fucked by Friedl’s fat cock is not likely to forget the experience anytime soon. Friedl’s not the only hot bisexual stud on offer at this massive bi orgy – there’s also blonde hunk Denis Reed, newcummer Lutz Benesz (who gets fucked in the ass for the first time at this party!), and a whole bunch of sexy blonde sluts with pert tits and tight asses.

Bisexual Threesome in the Garden

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A blonde chick walks into a flower shop looking for some nice new plants. She gets checked out by two of the male employees working there. Aware of her power for turning men on, she decides to have them both – and make them have each other. There’s nothing that turns this chick on more than watching two guys have sex with each other, while occasionally joining in. Thankfully, these two dudes don’t seem to mind one bit. They greedily gobble each other’s cocks up as she takes turns blowing both of them. But merely sucking cock and licking pussy isn’t enough – at the end of the day, you have to fuck, as well. And fuck this hot trio does – in every position conceivable to the human imagination, going at it like a mad choo choo train without a driver, until everyone explodes in a cum drenched climax. Fuck yeah!

Bi Cock and Cunt Euphoria

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Blonde stud Denis Reed is so lucky – he has both a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Thankfully, they are both very open minded. They don’t mind sharing Denis and his big fat cock one bit. In fact, every once in a while the three of them will get together and while away the evening by experimenting with different three-way sexual positions. Here is one of the sessions. It starts out with the boy and girl taking turns working Denis’s gi-normous rod with their mouths. They get it good and stiff. Once it’s hard enough, he slips it softly up his boyfriend’s ass. As he’s plowing the wailing boyfriend, he plays with his girlfriend’s big fat melon titties. He can’t wait to stick it in her moist cunt, and neither can his boyfriend. When he’s good and ready, he squirts his cum all over his boyfriend’s face. The boyfriend licks off Denis’s gracious cum facial.

Intimate Bisexual Threesome

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Franco Gregorio is sharing an intimate moment with his hot new twinky boyfriend in the cottage they have rented for the weekend. Just as he gets the twink’s hot dick in his mouth, a sexy blonde chick from the rental office interrupts them. Well, everyone knows what kind of insatiable appetite bisexual stud Franco has – he is willing to fuck anything hot, no matter whether it sports a pair of swinging balls or nice round tits. This nice blonde girl is no stranger to sucking dick, it seems – she seems eager to devour the rods of both Franco and his little boyfriend – who, by the way, isn’t so little when he’s fully erect! He moans ecstatically as Franco slips it to him from behind as he chews away at blondie’s shaved cunt. The three fuck in every position two hot guys and a gal could come up with, leaving all inhibitions behind until they climax all over each other’s faces in the end.

Bisex Birthday Bonanza

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The bisexual birthday romp is well underway, and everyone is horny and eager to join in on the action, lending a “helping hand” towards celebrating Thomas Friedl’s lucky day. Lutz Benesz bends one of his buddies over the table and proceeds to fill the dude’s lucky ass with his thick juicy boy cock. Meanwhile, a couple of slutty blonde lipstick lezzies are content to lick the juices out of each other’s pussies in the corner. Over on the couch, top men Denis Reed and Thomas Lee service the bottoms and bitches with their impressive flesh wands, while a whole horny array of newcomers get their first taste of bisexual action en masse… With all-holes-filled sex orgies like this, it is no wonder why BiMaxx is continually voted the Best Bisexual porn site on the web today! Why don’t you see if you can actually make it through this entire episode without blowing a load? Go on; we dare you!

A Bi Fuck Spectacular

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Best friends Robert Driveman and Robby Singleton are at home waiting for Robert’s girlfriend to come over. As they wait, both eye each other hungrily. For a long time, Robert and Robby have had feelings for one another, yet both have been reluctant to admit it. Today, however, their deep feelings come out, as the two begin to kiss and suck each other’s gigantic erect dicks. When the girl finally arrives, she is so turned on by this display of lusty man love that she offers to join in. It’s a bi fuck spectacular, as Robby repeatedly gets plowed by his muscular best friend – when Robby is not busy fucking Robert’s girlfriend, that is! Eventually, Robby shoots all over as his friend is plowing him. As a thank-you, Robby Singleton then drinks the sperm right out of Robert Driveman’s juicy cock fountain.

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